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In 1937, Prof Otto Bayer invented the world's first polyurethane coating in the research laboratories of Bayer AG, Germany. 39 years later, a green horn chemical engineer, Subash Cipy re-invented it in India for the first time.

Cipy Polyurethanes green chemstry

Cipy was thus created in 1976 with a vision and mission: innovation and sustainability. From a 600 sqft tin shed (with a meagre capital of USD $200) to the state-of-the art facilities at Shirwal, near Pune, Cipy has grown to become a technology driven, Innovative and sustainable company in India. Cipy, with the diverse technologies of urethane, epoxy, epu, mcu, pud, acrylic and polysulphide, stands now at the forefront of innovative polymer technologies like polyurea, siloxane and polyaspartic.

Cipy's epoxy self levelling toppings, solvent-free polyurethane toppings, epu self levelling floorings, spray applied polyurethane and polyurea coatings.....