Our approach Chemistry For You is geared up towards innovation. At Cipy, we staunchly believe that novel products and concepts are imperative to our innovation-based growth. Cipy's research activities combining with market stimuli bring innovative products in to the market every year. Cipy's position as a technology driven company is due to the incessant outputs from our innovation based activities.

Cipy offers innovative Epoxy Polyurethane Flooring

Today, Cipy is the recognized national leader in a number of product segments such as industrial floor toppings, spray applied PU coatings, conductive floorings and polyureas.

Our product innovation strategies and hybrid technologies integrate the ever-evolving needs of the market segments we cater to. Striving to stay tuned, Cipy incessantly churns out innovative products to meet the diverse surface coating requirements.

Today, Cipy is India's one among the best innovative companies.

Innovation is Cipy's future.