Cipy is well known name for Floor Coating, Industrial Flooring, PU Flooring and Many more..

  • Epoxy self levelling from Cipy
  • EPU Self Levelling Floorings by Cipy
  • EPU Self Levelling Floorings by Cipy
  • PU concrete by Cipy
  • Cipy Polyurethanes Deck Coatings
  • ESD floors from Cipy
  • Densi Polished Floors by Cipy
  • Polyaspartic floorings by Cipy
  • Chemical Resistant Floorings by Cipy
  • EP-PU floorings by Cipy
  • Breathable floors from Cipy
  • Designers floors by Cipy
  • Roll-on Coatings by Cipy
  • Heavy duty screed by Cipy

Floorings unlimited Applications unlimited Market segments unlimited Cipy leads the flooring market today, leads the way for tomorrow…..