Anti-skid multi polymer floorings for multi storey car parks, reinforced with PU membranes having crack bridging abilities, DeckFloor systems transform the dark and gloomy areas into lighter and brighter zones. DeckFloor systems involve epoxy, epu and urethane chemistries to deliver the best car park floorings currently available. DeckFloor systems employ solvent-free, solvent borne and waterborne systems based on epoxies and urethanes.

DeckFloor FC: for ground car parks

DeckFloor ID: for internal decks

DeckFloor ED: for external decks

Key features

  • Anti skid - DeckFloors are tested with anti slip, with no skidding reported even on wet floors
  • Crack bridging - Strengthening with an elastomeric PU membrane brings crack bridging ability of the system.
  • UV resistance - The aliphatic top coats for exposed decks offers resistance to UV light and so are light stable
  • Durability Serviceable life of a decade with proper floor care and maintenance
  • Chemical resistance - DeckFloors are extremely resistant to diesel, petrol, battery acid, brake fluid and lubricating oils
  • Abrasion resistance - With PU and MCU top coats, Cipy DeckFloors offers the higher wear resistance.
  • Aesthetics - DeckFloors provide dust free atmosphere, reduce noise levels and are available in attractive colours in Cipy, RAL
  • Rapid cure - DeckFloors are quickly installed with rapid return to service
  • Quality - Cipy is accredited with quality and environment systems, ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000
  • Adhesion - With a specially formulated solvent free epoxy primer, the system bonds tenaciously to the base surface
  • Robust - Because of multiple polymer technology, Deckfloors are tough yet flexible to take care of physical and chemical abuses
  • Water proof - DeckFloors are effectual barriers against the passage of water and water vapour, thus protecting the structural integrity
  • Extremely wear resistant
  • Resistant to petrol, diesel and battery acid