Cipy has pioneered the art of hybrid technology by infusing urethane groups into epoxy polymer matrices where the functional properties of epoxy (adhesion, toughness and gloss) are combined with those of PU (abrasion resistance, flexibility and impact resistance). EPU Flooring systems deliver the toughest performance in the most aggressively abused areas and provide scientifically superior polymer hybrid technology, engineered for excellence in floor protection as well as decoration. EPU Flooring system, Cipothane SL is more flexible, more impact resistant and more wear resistant than its Cipoxy counterparts.

Features of EPU Self Levelling -

  • No external addition of fillers while applying.
  • Excellent self levelling properties
  • Excellent gloss
  • Good flexibility
  • Good abrasion and impact resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Flexo hard and fast setting
  • No bubbles
  • Excellent resistance is observed against distilled water, detergent solutions, alkalies and acids.

Advantages of EPU Self Levelling-

Chemical and heat resistance

Slip resistant, even when wet

High gloss, appealing finish

Easy to clean smooth, seamless finish

Attractive, bright colour options

Variable thicknesses for versatile applications

Applications areas of EPU Self Levelling -

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Engineering industries
  • Automobile units
  • Health care industries
  • Auto-ancillary units