The newest to offer for the flooring industry, Spartikote floor systems incorporate polyaspartic technology which is a hybrid chemistry of polyurea and aliphatic urethane. It is formed by a chemical reaction between hindered amines and aliphatic isocyanates. Spartikote floors are installed and retuned to service within 24 hours.

Spartikote SL

A fast setting self levelling floor coating recommended for industrial and commercial concrete floors. Remarkable abrasion resistance, excellent gloss, self levelling nature, enhanced adhesion to concrete, rapid setting and resistance to a variety of chemicals make Spartikote SL the supreme choice for those whom time is the major factor. Unlike conventional slow setting epoxies, Spartikote SL can be installed in just few hours, with next day return to service. It can be applied on interior and exterior areas because of its excellent UV resistance

Spartikote FC

A third generation polyaspartic pigmented roll-on coating recommended for the most demanding applications.

Spartikote CG

A polyaspartic clear roll-on coating for both internal and external applications over pigmented or flaked-floor systems

Key features

  • Rapid setting
  • UV resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Excellent gloss
  • No amine blushings
  • No blisters