The first to develop MCU in 1978, Cipy offers a variety of moisture curing urethanes for corrosion control: Urikote series of coatings, ranging from primers to topcoats. Urikote coatings are single component, quick drying and surface tolerant. These coatings react with atmospheric moisture to form polyurea linkages. They penetrate into pores and tight crevices of highly pitted metal substrates, where moisture is usually present to form strong chemical bonds.

Cipy offers best Moisture Cure Urethane

Rust-O-Thane : aluminium filled MCU coating

Urikote 77 : MCU red oxide primer

Urezinc : MCU zin rich primer

Urikote TCE : aliphatic MCU topcoat

Urikote TCI : aromatic MCU topcoat

Urikote MIO : MIO based MCU coating

Urikote FC : MCU based floor coating

Moisture Curing Urethanes Features

  • Single component : no mixing errors, no pot life
  • Excellent adhesion to compromised surfaces
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Applicability even at high humidity
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Faster project completion:3 coat system can be returned to service within 12 hrs.