Cipy one of the leading manufacturers of Epoxy Paints

The first to develop Moisture Cure Urethane in 1978, Cipy offers a variety of moisture curing urethanes for corrosion control: Urikote series of coatings, ranging from primers to topcoats. Urikote coatings are single component, quick drying and surface tolerant. These coatings react with atmospheric moisture to form polyurea linkages. They penetrate into pores and tight crevices of highly pitted metal substrates, where moisture is usually present to form strong chemical bonds. Moisture cure polyurethanes have been widely used in the adhesive and coating industries.

Moisture-cure coatings are well known and generic versions have been made, on a limited basis, for over thirty years, essentially unchanged and based upon the same few resins commercially available. Due to the characteristic problems inherent in these formulations and the complex production requirements, their use remained limited. MCU’s striking growth and prominence in the industry is entirely attributed to research which overcame the inherent problems and produced new generation technology.

Features of Moisture Cure Urethane :-

  • Green Concrete Moisture Sealer System
  • Sound Abatement
  • Crack Suppressant
  • Easy to Apply & Clean When Wet
  • Reduces Moisture Vapour Transmission
  • Permanent Bond & Low Odour
  • Helps Contribute to LEED Point Qualification

Advantages of Moisture Cure Urethane :-

If properly applied and cured polyurethane makes a strong bond
Will set in a wide range of temperatures
Suitable for outdoor projects Polyurethane has good UV resistance
Does not contain solvents and is a low Volatile Organic Compound producer. 100% solids so it does not tend to crack and shrink as it sets
It can be sanded (non clogging), stained and painted. Cleanup of squeezed out extra glue can be chiseled off easily. Set glue is slightly flexible and not brittle
Food safe after curing
Once set it will not creep

Applications of Moisture Cure Urethane :-

  • Adhesive Industry
  • Coating Industry