With the unlimited product portfolio catering to unlimited application areas, Cipy has some specialty products for specialty applications.

Cipy is one of the best Specialty Chemicals Companies

Wall coatings

  • Waltouch: water borne acrylic
  • Walkote: water borne PU
  • Walkote 2K: water borne PUD cross linked with hydrophilic isocyanate
  • Wallite: solvent borne PU

PU adhesives

  • B95/B96/B97/B 98: Flocking adhesives
  • 1K PU adhesives: Ureglue, Ureglue 100, 200, 300
  • Heat cured PU adhesive: Duraflock BL

Epoxy grouts

  • Cipogrout 1000
  • Cipogrout 200
  • Cipogrout AF

Repair mortars

  • Cipicrete
  • Floorkrete
  • Floorkrete EC
    • Uremould 100: PU system for making negative moulds
    • EPI colourant: Pigment concentrates for PU, epoxy and EPU
    • Colour silica: Coloured silica aggregates
    • Insulthane: Thermal insulating coatings