Cipy's Terra water proof systems offer total solutions for seeping walls and roofs..

Our technologies such as polyurethanes, acrylics and poly-sulphides, with or without the aid of hydraulic binders, deliver complete zero seepage systems such as coatings, liquid applied membranes and sealants. Polyurethane resins (1K and 2K), epoxies, poly sulphides, pure acrylics, styrene acrylics, SBRs and polymer modified cementitious compounds are engaged to offer ultimate solutions for below and above grade water proofing applications.

Cipy offers best Water Proof Coatings

Terra Water Proof Systems Features

Acrylic modified cementitious compounds

  • Hydrokrete
  • Terrakrete
  • Flexikrete

PU based liquid applied membranes, 1 K

  • Tarthane 1K
  • Cipthane 100 W
  • Cipthane 100 B
  • Tarthane 100 TF

PU based liquid applied membranes, 2 K

  • Terraflex 100
  • Terraflex NY
  • Tarthane 2K

Waterborne epoxy

  • Aquoxy 60